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Requiem for Locusts cover
If Barbara Kingsolver, P.T. Barnum and Oliver Sacks had gotten together to write a novel, it would be
Requiem for Locusts
the award-winning new novel
by Wendy Parciak

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Advance Praise:

     "Wendy Parciak’s Requiem for Locusts portrays an exurban Main Street and its residents living every day private lives. When the Locust Street neighbors are confronted with the bizarre language and actions of the young newcomer Marzita, they share in a struggle to cope with her mysterious neurodevelopmental disorder. Understanding the girl’s voice begins in the hearts of neighbors. Requiem for Locusts is a story of discovery and hope."

William D. Graf, MD, Child Neurologist

     "A powerful, riveting story, sensual in the language of landscape, Requiem For Locusts seduces you first with compassion for its alienated, eccentric characters and then transforms you with its message of love and tolerance.
     I laughed. I cried as the old maid school teacher, the shy neurologist, the teenager full of heroic dreams, the circus performers, the discordant parents of a toddler, and the loving father all face their own limitations in light of a mentally ill young woman who can see what they cannot.
     The echoes of this story will continue to haunt me for a long, long time. An astonishing feat of writing by first-time novelist, Wendy Parciak!"

Priscilla Cogan, award-winning author of Winona’s Web, Compass of the Heart, Crack at Dusk: Crook of Dawn, Double Time, and The Unraveling Thread

     "Requiem for Locusts draws the reader into the lives of ordinary people, who behind closed doors lead extraordinary lives. An absolutely riveting chain of events unfolds with a completely unexpected ending! Ultimately, we're reminded of the richness and poignancy in every life, regardless of outward appearances."

Beth Bruno, author of Wild Tulips