The petals appeared to float atop a brown ocean, trapped beneath the close and dead-white clouds.


A Middle-grade Fantasy (50,000 words)

In misty Gleam, a city of laboratory roses & cold music, twelve-year-old cello prodigy Briar pricks her finger on a thorn and suddenly loses her ability to play her instrument. To remember how, she must venture beyond her isolated city and learn to express her wild side—before the mud that surrounds her murky town swallows it forever.

I may have taken a thousand quick breaths in time with the fox, or I may not have breathed at all.


Like The Science of Breakable Things, this story reveals that deep emotions help heal the deepest wounds. Set in an endangered, isolated community, it’ll appeal to fans of Orphan Island and The City of Ember series.

Photo credits: Enric Moreu, Sunguk Kim, Jairo Zambrano, Ashkan Forouzani