Pandora’s Albatross

Photo credit: James Wainscoat

“But she was never coming back, and it had little to do with falling into a waste container of lime-green goo.”


A Middle-Grade Grounded Fantasy
(54,000 words)

In a land of synthetic skyscrapers, headache-plagued Pandora discovers that the plastic that’s propelled her family to greatness is killing the last of her beloved albatrosses. But to bring back the birds, the twelve-year-old must find the fortitude to stop the man-made addiction that’s turning everything—and everyone, even herself—into plastic.

Photo credit: Ishan

“That first flight over the ocean… Oh, my dear. A whole world awaits you.”


Some problems can’t be solved unless you dare to speak up. Written from two perspectives—an albatross and a girl—this magical tale about how a bond between a human, a bird, and unexpected family might save a city from plastic pollution will appeal to fans of Wish, The Science of Breakable Things, and The Girl Who Drank the Moon.

Photo credit: Dave Hoefler