The Miseries

Photo credit: Sigmund

“An ocean beast with thirteen arms, oh,
Seven eyes and twenty mouths, so,
Its fifty fangs chomp down before you know
And drag you into depths so very low
All while snacking on your nose or toe!”
—Legend of the Kraken


A Middle-Grade Grounded Fantasy
(56,000 words)

Twelve-year-old Merryn Icefall dreams of a joyful world that isn’t slowly drowning in warming seawater, where she can sing opera arias rather than count washed-up seaweed all day long. To help her polar town of Deep, she embarks on a perilous journey up a glacier to search for that mythical happy place, risking losing her home forever.

Photo credit: Annie Spratt

The unfairness of Deep, with its endless learning and studying, counting and measuring. Even the Kraken risen from the depths wouldn’t have upset her this much. A new song—a dangerously loud, angry one—threatened to erupt from her throat.


Soul meets Frozen II in this story about the importance of joy in the often frightening era of climate change. An exploration of how determination can help solve impossible problems, it’ll appeal to fans of Song for a Whale and Melt.

Photo credit: Debby Ledet